About the Arid LID Coalition

Our goal: Increase the use of Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Low Impact Development practices. 

WHO are we? A multi-disciplinary coalition representing an array of perspectives, skills, and organizations who share a common vision.

WHY are we here? (vision) To foster a public awareness of stormwater as an asset instead of a liability and to increase literacy around effective, arid-adapted Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) and Low Impact development (LID) strategies. The many benefits of these strategies include improving water quality, watershed stewardship, and well-being for all inhabitants in the Rio Grande Watershed.

HOW do we do this? By networking, sharing resources, and collaborating in a fun, flexible, and action-oriented manner. 

WHAT do we do? Provide technical resources and education specific to designing GSI and LID interventions in our high desert environment, facilitate communication and collaboration, and support high-quality demonstration and research projects.

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