Low Impact Development in the Middle Rio Grande Watershed

About the Coalition

Our goal: Increase the use of Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Low Impact Development practices. 

WHO are we? A multi-disciplinary coalition representing an array of perspectives, skills, and organizations who share a common vision.

WHY are we here? (vision) To foster a public awareness of stormwater as an asset instead of a liability and to increase literacy around effective, arid-adapted Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) and Low Impact development (LID) strategies. The many benefits of these strategies include improving water quality, watershed stewardship, and well-being for all inhabitants in the Rio Grande Watershed.

HOW do we do this? By networking, sharing resources, and collaborating in a fun, flexible, and action-oriented manner. 

WHAT do we do? Provide technical resources and education specific to designing GSI and LID interventions in our high desert environment, facilitate communication and collaboration, and support high-quality demonstration and research projects.

This is the Concept Diagram for the Arid LID Coalition. The diagram outlines how we will accomplish our goal (green) using the strategies (yellow) that address the direct threats (pink) and the contributing factors (orange) which present a challenge to achieving our goal .
This is the Results Chain Diagram for the Arid LID Coalition. Again, it includes our goal (green) and our strategies (yellow) for achieving that goal. The other colored squares represent various types of results that we expect to see as we make progress towards our goal.