Low Impact Development in the Middle Rio Grande Watershed


2020 Maintenance Training Modules: The Coalition recently received funding through NM State Forestry, funded by the USDA Forest Service in a Community Forest Assistance grant. These funds are bring used to develop a series of training modules and practitioner tools focused on GSI maintenance practices. We are currently exploring Noxious weed identification and proper removal, Structural Pruning, Use of organic mulch, Frequency/timing of irrigation, Soil health, and other topics.

Please look for coming announcements on how to sign up for these training modules!

2020 Residential GSI Workshops: The Coalition has also recently received funding to host three residential workshops aimed at helping home owners learn how to successfully install GSI features at their home. These features will be scaled for residential active and passive rainwater harvesting. Incorporating these features into your home landscapes helps to capture water at its source, support lush native gardens, and keep polluted stormwater runoff from entering our beloved Rio Grande.

Please look for coming announcements on how to sign up for these workshops!

Below is an archive of the Arid LID Coalition’s significant accomplishments to date.

2019 Arid LID Workshop: The Coalition was funded by the USDA Forest Service to host a workshop on September 19-20, 2019. This workshop brought together a targeted group of stormwater professionals from across disciplines including landscape architects, engineers, developers, design-build companies, architects and plan reviewers of large projects. While addressing some perceived barriers to GSI/LID implementation as well as some known gaps in knowledge, policy, and practice, the workshop provided technical resources and education to the participants specific to facilitating collaboration across disciplines in our arid environment. The workshop culminated in an interdisciplinary GSI/LID parking lot design activity, which revealed that the groups that had participants representing all stages of the project had the most efficient work-flow and the most impressive outcomes. A post work-shop survey showed that a majority of participants will change their GSI practices based on what they learned, and many requested more interdisciplinary design activities. The impact of this workshop was to expand, connect and inspire the network of GSI/LID allies in Albuquerque and move the conversation forward to gain momentum toward the Arid LID Coalition’s goals.

2017 Arid LID Case Studies Booklet: The Coalition developed a booklet of 5 case studies, 5 practices, and important supporting information including a rubric for evaluating the effectiveness of GSI/LID projects and a comprehensive glossary of relevant terms. The booklet was published by the Xeriscape Council and for distribution at the 2018 Land & Water Summit. However, the booklet (insert link) continues to be a valuable resource of examples and terms for the watershed.

Evaluation Rubric: The Coalition developed a rubric for evaluating the effectiveness of GSI/LID projects and published details on example projects and features as part of the 2018 Land & Water Summit Booklet of Case Studies.

Glossary of Terms: Coalition members created a locally relevant glossary of terms for GSI and LID. Definitions were pulled from other arid communities as well as local experts. This collaborative effort was the first Coalition accomplishment and was done to create a foundation for clear communication moving forward. The glossary was first published in the 2017 Arid LID Case Studies Booklet.

Participated in the EPA Region 6 Stormwater Conference in 2018: The Coalition lead field trips and design charettes to explore GSI in arid climates .

Revision of County Standards (in progress): Bernalillo County members of the Arid LID Coalition are working on revisions to the county Technical Standards Guidance and incorporating GSI requirements, including standard details used for the 2019 Workshop.

Quarterly Newsletter: The Coalition publishes a quarterly e-newsletter with over 100 subscribers that connects people interested in GSI and related topics. The newsletter includes feature projects, events, and articles and research on GSI/LID and related topics.

Website: The Coalition obtained grant funding to set up a website that serves as a resource for anyone interested in GSI in the Middle Rio Grande watershed and arid environments. The coalition also worked collaboratively to develop a comprehensive list of resources that is posted on the website.

Mission Statement and Conceptual Diagrams: The Coalition developed a clear, concise mission statement and a robust, well-defined, multi-faceted action plan to achieve the mission through identifying obstacles and methods to overcome those obstacles.

Online Discussion Forum: The Coalition created an interactive online forum to support an arid LID/GSI Community of Practice.