Low Impact Development in the Middle Rio Grande Watershed

2019 Workshop Resources

This page includes links to all of the workshop presentations, the results of the standard detail mark-ups and interdisciplinary parking lot design activity, inspirational videos and other resources from the workshop.

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To view the workshop agenda and speaker bios, click here.

To view the post-workshop survey results, click here.

Thursday Presentations

History of the Arid LID Coalition – Steve Glass (Arid LID Coalition Steering Committee member)

Los Ranchos 4th Street ProjectTim McDonough (Village of Los Ranchos)

What is (and is not) Arid LID Kieran Sikdar (HELM)

Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Pima CountyAnn Moynihan (Pima County Flood Control)

Los Alamos National Labs Resources

Review of Five Standard Details

  • Scroll down to view the standard detail mark-ups created by attendees at the workshop. You can also view them here.

Friday Presentations

Interdisciplinary Design for Low Impact DevelopmentKieran Sikdar (HELM)

Triple Bottom Line for GSI and LID Sarah Hurteau (The Nature Conservancy) & Tess Houle (MRWM Landscape Architects)

Why Parking Lots Deserve your AttentionTess Houle (MRWM Landscape Architects)

  • Scroll down to view the schematic designs of the parking lots created by the interdisciplinary design groups during the workshop. You can also view them here.

Other Resources

Standard Detail Mark-Ups

The photos below show the feedback and edits collected by the workshop attendees for the standard details for five Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) design features. The originals were provided by Pima County and Bernalillo County.

Stormwater Harvesting Basin

Permeable Pavement

Bioswale and Check-Dams

Stormwater Tree Pit

Infiltration Trench

Parking Lot Schematic Designs